gee whizz

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  • gee whizz — interjection see gee whiz …   Useful english dictionary

  • gee whizz — Meaning Jesus. Origin A minced oath …   Meaning and origin of phrases

  • gee-whiz — (ˈ)jē¦(h)wiz adjective Etymology: gee whiz 1. : designed to arouse wonder or excitement or to amplify the merits or significance of something especially by the use of clever or sensational language gee whiz journalism 2. : marked by spectacular… …   Useful english dictionary

  • gee whiz — [[t]ʤi͟ː (h)wɪ̱z[/t]] also gee whizz 1) EXCLAM (feelings) People sometimes say gee whiz in order to express a strong reaction to something or to introduce a remark or response. [AM, INFORMAL] Gee whiz, they carried on and on, they loved the… …   English dictionary

  • gee whiz — /dʒi ˈwɪz/ (say jee wiz) interjection Colloquial (an exclamation expressing surprise, admiration, etc.) Also, gee whizz. {US colloquial (1940s) from gee, variant of Jesus + whiz1 (used as an intensifier) …   Australian English dictionary

  • gee-whiz — /ˈdʒi wɪz / (say jee wiz) adjective Colloquial astonishing, especially by virtue of technological innovation: gee whiz gadgetry. Also, gee whizz …   Australian English dictionary

  • whizz — whizz1 BrE whiz AmE [wız] v 1.) [always + adverb/preposition] [i]informal a) to move very quickly, often making a sound like something rushing through the air ▪ An ambulance whizzed past. ▪ I saw a big piece of metal whizzing through the air. b) …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • whizz — 1 also whiz especially AmE verb (I) 1 (always + adv/prep) informal a) to move very quickly, often making a sound like something rushing through the air (+ by/around/past): Martin whizzed by us on his bicycle. b) to do something very quickly: Let… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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